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Minnesota dating club

As large animals such as mammoths became extinct, native people changed their diet.

They gathered nuts, berries, and vegetables, and they hunted smaller animals such as deer, bison, and birds.

The Dakota Native American culture may have descended from some of the peoples of the Mississippian culture.The economy of these tribes was chiefly based on hunter-gatherer activities.Main articles: New France, Canada (New France), Louisiana (New France), French and Indian War, Treaty of Paris (1763), New Spain, Louisiana (New Spain), Province of Quebec (1763–1791), American Revolutionary War, and Treaty of Paris (1783) In the late 1650s, Pierre Esprit Radisson and Médard des Groseilliers were likely the first Europeans to meet Dakota Native Americans while following the southern shore of Lake Superior (which would become northern Wisconsin).Around 5000 BC, people on the shores of Lake Superior (in Minnesota and portions of what is now Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canada) were the first on the continent to begin making metal tools.Pieces of ore with high concentrations of copper were initially pounded into a rough shape, heated to reduce brittleness, pounded again to refine the shape, and reheated.

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When Europeans first started exploring Minnesota, the region was inhabited primarily by tribes of Dakota, with the Ojibwa (sometimes called Chippewa, or Anishinaabe) beginning to migrate westward into the state around 1700.