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Winking image via key benefit to direct flirting approaches, especially for the person on the receiving end, is that they are clear and easier to interpret.Protect your ego too carefully by maintaining complete deniability and you run the risk of no one receiving your too-subtle signals.To be clear, though, flirting may not have the explicit goal of having sex or even physical intimacy of any kind.A person may flirt simply to pass the time, to feel close, to see if they’ve still got it or because it’s fun. Big surprise: men’s flirting is more motivated by sex, while women’s flirting is more motivated by having fun or becoming closer to another person.

This may be because encountering a sure thing is one of the only contexts in which a guy with low self-esteem feels safe making advances, so he has to make it count.Overall, almost a quarter of the participants flirted during their interaction.But participants accurately perceived that flirting only 28% of the time, with males more accurate at detecting female flirting (36%) than females were at detecting male flirting (18%).Observers who simply watched the interaction were even less accurate at identifying flirting than those who were actually involved.Once again, males were more accurate at recognizing when women flirted, but men generally tend to overestimate women’s interest, giving them more of a chance to be correct when women actually were flirting.

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