My mom is dating my teacher

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My mom is dating my teacher

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2 pencils — these are all things that typical kids are expected to bring back to school with them.

But for me, there was not one, but two extra accessories I grew accustomed to taking to school everyday: my parents.

"Don't worry Mr Finn I just want everyone to have a nice time and please call me Candace." "And you can call me Dewey." He replies and I am relieved he's acting more normally now. Summer had chosen a new comedy film that came out for us to watch, and thank god, because I wouldn't of been able to sit through a gooey romance. My Mom said she had to go to the office late to work and I wasn't allowed to go out with Summer to the movies tonight. "I'm so glad we're finally going out on an actual date after so long." She says smiling and our proximity messes with my head. I promised you dinner after remember, besides like I said before my mom had no reason to make me stay." "Okay." Summer agrees after a moment her face lighting up. Carrying our popcorn and soda, we enter the movie theatre.And while that was definitely my way of thinking about it throughout those awkward, early teen years, I can honestly look back now and say that it wasn’t so bad after all.(I mean, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

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