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Ever wanted to experience the extreme thrill of off-road driving, but no idea where to go? Get ready to go exploring with these realistic off-road driving simulators that give you the freedom to compete in intense challenges in a variety of extreme environments.

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Dating back to the inception of the company, our four wheel drive systems for some of the world’s most grueling events have helped our customers’ to victory.

Events such as the Dakar Rally Raid push the demands on transmissions to extremes and with the added torque from modern racing Diesel engines a transmission has to be designed to the highest level possible.

Off Road NZ is a sustainable premium adventure experience, creating fun memories, personal growth and lasting impressions.

Established in 1992, Off Road NZ provide the best self-drive, off road vehicle experiences in New Zealand, including 4WD Bush Safaris and Monster 4X4 Thrill Rides.

Yorkshire Off Road Club is an MSA Recognised club, all our motor sport events are run under an MSA permit providing insurance cover for all those taking part.

We cater solely for road going vehicles and offer advice and training both in driving and preparation of vehicles.

Utilising experience gained in endurance events such as the Dakar has allowed us to build multiple gearbox ranges which supply top level manufactures in WRC and numerous other championships around the world.

Build your own vehicle and zoom through sand, mud, and water in challenges that will put your driving skills to the test in these off-road driving simulators.

ENDURO IN THE ALGARVE Off-road/Trail riding from January to december Portugal is the perfect country to the enduro sport.

The infinite amount of paths and tracks makes it possible to cross the entire country off-road.

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