Ordinary dating translate

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Ordinary dating translate

The attribute furthering is correlated with justice, which creates the conditions in which each receives that which accords with his being, that which is due him and which constitutes his happiness.

The attribute perseverance is correlated with wisdom, which discerns the immutable laws of all that happens and can therefore bring about enduring conditions.

According to the original meaning, the attributes [sublimity, potentiality of success, power to further, perseverance] are paired.To sublimity, which, as the fundamental principle, embraces all the other attributes, it links love.To the attribute success are linked the morals, which regulate and organize expressions of love and thereby make them successful.The Chinese word here rendered by "sublime" means literally "head," "origin," "great." This is why Confucius says in explaining it: "Great indeed is the generating power of the Creative; all beings owe their beginning to it.This power permeates all heaven." For this attribute inheres in the other three as well.

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THE LINES Nine at the beginning means: Hidden dragon. In China the dragon has a meaning altogether different from that given it in the Western world.

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