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Executive Search Dating partners with top restaurants in Vancouver to ensure that all clients have a VIP experience.

Once the date is over, the matchmakers get feedback from both individuals and use that to fuel their dating coaching.

“Once a client joins us, they literally just have to tell us when they’re available,” he said, “then show up and have fun.” Paddi doesn’t just want to arrange dates — he wants to arrange successful dates, so Executive Search Dating handles every aspect surrounding the dating process.

Rather than letting Vancouver singles figure it out on their own, the ESD team supports them every step of the way.

Seeking to better serve time-conscious singles like himself, Paddi decided to start a matchmaking business that would take a proactive approach to connecting people in a long-term match.

“I started Executive Search Dating based on my own experience being dissatisfied with how dating services worked,” Paddi said.

Some busy singles prefer to have this consultation over the phone, but Paddi tries to meet clients face to face, when possible, because it helps them establish a rapport more quickly.

It was a shock to him to find that most matchmakers relied on their own databases to match clients with clients, essentially ignoring a world of dates outside their clientele.“It doesn’t make sense to limit your dating options to a matchmaker’s paid clients.” Based in Vancouver, Executive Search Dating (ESD) goes out and recruits compatible dates, in addition to drawing from the database, to match clients with their ideal companions.This elite service caters to busy professionals who don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to do all the legwork required to hunt down a date.Paddi wanted to save time by hiring the dating equivalent of a recruiter or headhunter in the business world.He figured a professional matchmaker could more easily navigate the social scene and find the right person for him.

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The team has to reasonably believe they can make a match.