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"I had the grossest things done to me by him," Pam admitted. "Mork & Mindy" director Howard Storm recalled the time the actor goosed an elderly actress who played Mindy's grandmother with a cane.

He said, "I'm standing there watching this and I'm thinking, 'oh my god' and I just laughed.

Mork's greeting is "Na-Nu Na-Nu" (pronounced Mork says "KO" in place of "OK".Storylines usually center on Mork's attempts to understand human behavior and American culture as Mindy helps him to adjust to life on Earth.It usually ends up frustrating Mindy, as Mork can only do things according to Orkan customs.The show wanted to feature a spaceman in order to capitalize on the popularity of the then recently released Star Wars film.Williams' character, Mork, attempts to take Richie Cunningham back to his planet of Ork as a human specimen, but his plan is foiled by Fonzie.

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Mork explains to Richie that he is from the "future": the 1970s. He has been assigned to observe human behavior by Orson, his mostly unseen and long-suffering superior (voiced by Ralph James).

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