Phoenix error updating content description error

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In this post we’ll go over: if we didn’t need to save to the database, but in this case we need the posts saved. When building a :post_tag we will build a post and a tag by default.

A mutation is a query that makes a change to the data on the server; it’s the equivalent of a POST/PATCH/PUT in a RESTful API. One extra line in the controller is fine, that’s not a big deal. It becomes untestable, unmaintainable, and self-repeating. At some point for no particular reason ’s schemas started to be called “models”.Models should provide a way to manipulate data and perform different actions, like models in folder was considered as a place to put your business logic, which is a normal thing to do in other languages and frameworks. Previously we had a lot of code in the controller by default.However, it is much more functional than ruby, and has many different idioms and patterns.At least for me, the major draw to Elixir is the performance of the Erlang VM. The team at Whats App was able to establish two connections to a single server using Erlang.

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