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Procedures for validating an instrument

QIMR total scores produced a strong correlation with raters’ global assessment and a moderate correlation with media report word count, providing evidence towards the construct validity of the instrument.The results of this investigation indicate that QIMR can adequately measure the quality of health research reports, with acceptable reliability and validity.Misinformed readers may have heightened concerns or expectations about medical interventions which may lengthen, multiply, or complicate medical consultations and generate inappropriate health behaviors and requests for medical treatment, thereby increasing healthcare spending.Although the importance of reliable health journalism is well recognized, no empirical investigation has yet been undertaken to evaluate the quality of health research reporting in the Canadian media.A literature search was undertaken to identify existing instruments for the evaluation of the quality of health-related media reports.

It was suggested that it may be sufficient for health journalists to acknowledge the possibility of false positive findings in qualitative terms as opposed to quantifying the likelihood.Given the limited yield, the search was expanded to also include instruments developed for the assessment of health information outside of the media.Two additional instruments were identified: Ensuring Quality Information for Patients (EQIP) and DISCERN [14, 15].For example, Haneef and colleagues (2015) identified at least one example of spin or misrepresentation of study findings in 88% of American, British, and Canadian media reports on studies of medical interventions.Given the impact health-related media reports can have, ensuring that they are of high quality is of critical importance.

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The reliability and validity of the QIMR were subsequently tested with a sample of media reports.