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OK, now VIU has dropped the love thing and deals with not initiating a sexual relationship.

Wait to the institutional relationship has ended they state.

OK, I get it, it appears OK for the faculty member to develop a crush on a student, have feelings of love toward a particular student.

But checking this out with the student in terms of finding out if it is mutual would not facilitate the maintenance of appropriate boundaries.

The revelation is that the VIU administrators are the decision-makers, not the professors and certainly not the students.

In the VIU world view, the administrators are the adults who make decisions as to what is best for their children- their profs and their students.

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There is no way to check out whether an attraction is mutual without crossing that professional boundary with a student.Now their similar experience thing opens up a Pandora’s box.I guess that people of dissimilar national, ethnic and racial experiences are just not eligible for falling in love with each other.In any case, for VIU, falling in love can appropriately occur if people are of the same age and experience. In fact, VIU tells me that my parents could not have appropriately fell in love since my father was 20 years older than my mother.For VIU when does an age difference become too much of an age difference.

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So after the four year wait and now the student is a former student, the prof in VIU terms is still not on safe ground as to dating students since VIU finds dating former students to be “problematic”.

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