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Pew Internet & American Life Project, Online Dating and Relationships, 2013.We all have that one friend who has unreasonably high standards and isn't afraid to complain about the most trivial aspect of someone else's appearance or personality.Tell us a little bit about yourself and we'll tell you a personality type that would work with yours.This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever.But is this really the impression you want to make at the onset of a first date?Most people would probably agree that a first date should be fairly cheap and something noncommittal.Confused.com: "Age gaps in relationships: What are your views?

But if you have extremely high standards, we’re sure you’ll find something to complain about anyway.But no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work.Or maybe he’s not fully committing his entire self to you…So let's see if you're really the perfect date or if you seriously need to temper your expectations. But if you’re new to dating someone, maybe you’d feel guilty hijacking their wallet and offer to go dutch.Or maybe you know that you deserve to be treated right, and you go ahead and order up the surf and turf.

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