Sarah michelle gellar ryan phillippe dating

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, a quintessentially ‘90s movie about wealthy teenagers attending prep school in New York City.

The film helped launch the careers of its young stars, all of whom are now household names.

I woke with so much love for #sarahmichellegellar .

Since the day I met her over 20 years ago, she fought for me along with @rogerkumble to be Cecile. @janeylopaty also shared the love on my bed yesterday.

Blair shared on Instagram that the two had stayed in touch over the years and that Witherspoon had asked her to present her with her Extraordinary Achievement Teen Choice Award in 2002.

Fans think that Ava Phillippe‘s boyfriend looks like her dad Ryan Phillippe!

This is how their lives have changed since then, and a look at how they’ve all stayed in contact.

follows step-siblings Sebastian Valmont and Kathryn Merteuil, two manipulative, rich teens who enjoy playing games with their conquests.

"So, basically, we took Reese out to dinner to get her drunk, and we ended up getting drunk", Kumble revealed in 2014.

"So we were bringing in all of these people", he recalled to Cosmopolitan, "and they were all good, but I remember Selma (Blair) came in and I said, 'How old are you?

' And she goes (in Cecile's bratty voice) 'How old are you?

@rogerkumble you are the most wonderfully disturbed person I know and I love you.

@reesewitherspoon @selmablair @ryanphillippe (and not pictured @seanpthomas @vancityjax) you are even better actors and better people then you were then.

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She took me under her wing and today is no different. She and @karenzambos @jaime_king and this one even threw me my baby shower and are there every step of the way. I love you @sarahmgellar and my whole team of lovelies . #friendsforever #kathrynandcecile A post shared by Selma Blair (@selmablair) on Meanwhile, Blair and Gellar, who famously shared a kiss in the film, have kept in touch.

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