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Sex arab phone numbers

Ankara DMS-300 Istanbul DMS-300 İzmir DMS-300 Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir DMS-300 International Exchanges Accept: L/D area code subscriber number ST L /D = language digit : 0 (direct dialing) L /D = language digit : 2 (operator assistance) There are two international operator centers in Turkey, Ankara and İstanbul.

Each one of these centers provides operator telephone services according ITU/T dialing: L/D code11 ST (Random) L/D code12 312 ST (Ankara) L/D code12 212 ST (İstanbul) L/D: language digit 2 English C11: operator assistance C12: international transits ST: stop pulse The operators of the international exchanges in Ankara and Istanbul are available under C11 and C12.

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