Sex when dating

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Sex when dating

During this personal decision, it’s important to talk about your intentions, understand your boundaries around sex, and get clear on what you want instead of approaching things mindlessly or hiding (yourself or your feelings) behind sex.

Give yourself time to see how you feel about the person while staying present and connecting in the moment.

The question of when to become sexually involved becomes important to answer as sexual behavior has a huge effect on your dynamic and growing relationship.

While there is no perfect answer for every single person/new couple, leading with sex early on in dating is associated with greater risk of your relationship never taking off.

We’ve gotten to the “everything but” stage a few times, and it seems like there’s an expectation that we should be having sex soon.

Define your relationship together and be aware of how sex fits in to prevent hurt and confusion.

Sex plus infatuation can be a wild and addictive high that can’t be sustained without the proper foundation to support it.

Enjoying sex or having passionate physical intimacy with a specific person does not mean the same thing as falling in love with a person, however, your brain and body may confuse these feelings.

When you don’t know your date well and you haven’t spent significant time together, you are more likely to misread cues and struggle to fully understand the person, and vice versa.

This reality can easily create miscommunication and misunderstanding.

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Finally, trust your gut, don’t use sex to trick each other into feeling something that isn’t there, and know that if you want your relationship to go the distance, leading with sex isn’t the healthiest path.

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