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Note, in most cases of plurals ending in -nde, the "d" falls away in the informal pronunciation and spelling and the "n" is duplicated in sound and re-positioned within the degrees of comparison.For example: Tande (plural of tand; "tooth"), formal = "tande", informal = "tanne".The following lists slang borrowings from the Nguni Bantu languages (which include Zulu and Xhosa).

In the 2017/18 fiscal year SARS collected R 1 216.5 billion (equivalent to US$ 88.2 billion) in tax revenue, a figure R72.4 billion (or 6.3%) more than that from the previous fiscal year.

Prior to 2001 the South African tax system was "source-based", wherein income is taxed in the country where it originates.

Since January 2001, the tax system was changed to "residence-based" wherein taxpayers residing in South Africa are taxed on their income irrespective of its source. Central government revenues come primarily from income tax, value added tax (VAT) and corporation tax.

The intermediary later files a tax return and forwards the tax proceeds to government with the return.

Of the R1 216 billion collected by SARS in 2017/2018, 93% (or R1 133 billion) came from taxes on both Personal and Company Income and Profits, and taxes on Domestic Goods and Services, The revenue obtained by SARS in the 2017/18 financial year for each of the above categories is further explained below.

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