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Speed dating design research

But when it comes to user research, many teams view it as too time consuming.This leads to usability problems, or worse, spending weeks or months working on features that our audience doesn’t even want or need.Here, I’ll walk you through it, so you can do something similar — no matter who you are or what your day-to-day role is.

In this presentation, originally given at Booster 2015 in Norway, I share some “quick and dirty” methods that I’ve used in the past while working on software products and apps.

Além de fomentar uma comunidade UX forte e engajada, queremos criar produtos melhores e profissionais incríveis.

We all want to make products that are developed with our users’ needs in mind.

“No UX SPEED DATING, percebemos que o nosso usuário queria buscar mais pelo nome do restaurante do que por uma data específica.

Isso nos deu insights para repensar a feature de busca e mudar a interface inicial do aplicativo, além de outras mudanças que para nós pareciam óbvio, mas para o usuário não.” Jonny Czar é Lead Designer na Worldpackers. Nos últimos 4, tem trabalhado diretamente com experiência do usuário, pesquisa e design de interface.

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Linkedin · Behance · Site O UX SPEED DATING - BRASIL é inspirado na versão da California, USA.

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  1. This is one of the many reasons why people are continually telling us that they'd rather visit our chat rooms then go out to a bar or nightclub.