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(Note: Merck’s Gardasil vaccine is the only HPV vaccine currently licensed in the U. So when you read “HPV Vaccine,” that currently means Gardasil.) Connecticut: SB 858 – Censored from the U. “mainstream” media which is heavily funded by Big Pharma, is the fact that other countries are rejecting the HPV vaccine due to all the deaths and injuries it is causing. Nicole Delépine of France, an oncologist and surgeon, revealed that statistics show a link to cervical cancer rates since the introduction of the HPV vaccine. Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Gardasil manufacturer, Merck, who stated : I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers.(Source.), which is part of the European Medicines Agency, which works hard to promote vaccines, participated in a study to examine whether or not the HPV vaccine had an “increased risk of autoimmune diseases.” The title of the study, published in August of 2017, was titled: .

In this autobiography she explains why good doctors are constrained within the current corrupt medical system from practicing real, ethical medicine.What is withheld from the public is the fact that Merck is fighting fraud cases in U. courts and multiple other lawsuits around the world concerning the Gardasil vaccine, as the vaccine continues to kill and injure, primarily teenage girls.See: Here are the states currently considering new legislation to mandate the Gardasil vaccine against parental Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News Pharmaceutical giant Merck’s political influence is now reaching beyond the CDC and federal government, and moving into state legislatures as several states have introduced bills to mandate Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine for children.The HPV vaccine, which only applies to sexually active people, is not currently part of the CDC vaccine schedule, therefore separate legislation is needed to compel children to receive it.

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One of the sane voices when it comes to examining the science behind modern-day vaccines, no pro-vaccine extremist doctors have ever dared to debate her in public. Order Here Big Pharma and government health authorities are trying to pass laws mandating vaccines for all children, and even adults.

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