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The soul ethos of the band (see what we did there) is to get everybody up moving and grooving and keeping them up all night.

We play tunes from all sorts of artists from James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Sam and Dave through to Bruno Mars, Ceelo Green and Beyonce.

It implements both main incremental parsing APIs — Stax AND SAX — and offers full XML feature support, conformance, similar to Apache Xerces (which is great XML parser but only implements SAX, not Stax).Setting up a program to use SAX requires a bit more work than setting up to use the Document Object Model (DOM).SAX is an event-driven model (you provide the callback methods, and the parser invokes them as it reads the XML data), and that makes it harder to visualize.Hi, I have a requirement to validate XMLs during JAXB unmarshalling and during St AX parsing. I am able to successfully read the schema, and validate the XML during unmarshalling by setting the schema in the unmarshaller (through set Schema()).However, I am not able to validate it with St AX using the same schema and same XML.

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