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From here, the steampunk movement gained momentum, although there are some cinematic and televised works that could easily be considered steampunk while pre-dating by three decades or more.Over the years, steampunk has evolved into more than just a sub-genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The book centres around the struggle between the working class Luddites (who fear technology) and the upper-class “enhanced” elite.We at the Ministry, based on our own research and passions on the subject, have compiled a page that offers several descriptions of what we believe constitutes steampunk.We begin with an “elevator pitch” to start, and then work up to the “deep dive” that not only touches on the foundations of the genre, but even touches on the debate making rounds online and at the cons. This is as brief and as compact a description you can give people that have no clue what steampunk is. While Verne and Wells are regarded as part of the foundation of Science Fiction, they would be listed as steampunk authors if they were writing their works today.A current debate amongst writers is that the growing commercialism over the genre has diluted the “punk” aspect of steampunk.Their argument is that steampunk has been reduced to a backdrop of romantic Victoriana, goggles, and brass fixtures. Steampunk, at least the way we see it, gets its “punk” not in its dystopian view of the world or even in its gritty edge.

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While we hardly categorize “My cat is coughing up hairballs that move…” and “My teenage daughter simply won’t listen to her father…” worthy of our attention, one often asked question does give us pause…

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