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So those steps are: This isn't anything really original, and in fact most dating formulas use some kind of modification of this basic idea.Each company or coach will put their own spin on it, but it's the same idea dressed up with slightly different names.Most of the examples revolve around approaching women in a bar, but there's also suggestions for daytime situations.There's nothing here that's difficult to do or weird in a way that will get you called out for being a pick up artist.That for attractive, feminine women to be attracted to you, you must be a confident, masculine man.Dan goes into detail on how a lot of guys lower their status and don't act in a strong and masculine way because they think by being nice and polite it'll make women realize what a gentleman they are and how good of a catch the guy is.It seems like a pretty simple shift in mindset but it does make a big difference when you do it correctly.For what to actually say, there are three types of conversation starters taught here.

So you can use it when you first meet a woman, when you're on the phone, when you're on a date etc.

This section is the longest part of the book, and also the area that guys typically have the most trouble with.

One of the main principles that drives everything here is that you should be playing the dominant, masculine role in the interaction.

So there's some info on dealing with approach anxiety and the most common thoughts guys have that prevent them from talking to women.

You'll also see Dan talk about the right mindset and attitude to have from the very start of the interaction that seems to automatically create attraction.

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