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Drama is near-, and the ever-present question of "who will s/he choose? Yes, the show is too long and most of the time the contestants are not there For The Right Reasons™, but it's a juggernaut, and there's a reason your mom loves it so much.Plus, before you ask: yes, two contestants have left the show together, on .It can be an overwhelming world, with too many options to choose from before making a deep and long-standing commitment.I mean, it's "people" "competing" to find "love" on television, it's has reached cult-level status in the U. Consider me the witch, and you Hansel and/or Gretel.“People [on the show] are introducing themselves with their preferred pronouns.I don’t think I’ve ever seen that on reality TV before,” says Danielle Lindemann, a sociology professor at Lehigh University who studies and writes about reality TV.For anyone not familiar, the series asks young people who admit they “suck at dating” (as they all shout in the first episode of every season) to figure out which of their fellow cast members is their pre-selected “perfect match,” as determined by a behind-the-scenes team of matchmakers, psychologists, and other producers — a mind-bending goal that often pits heads against hearts.

It’s something La Plante witnessed early on when casting the show.

So, a new version of shows elements of queer culture that are rarely seen on television.

It also goes beyond the normal dating-show formula, one that’s rife with overblown displays of both masculinity and femininity — like women in sparkling ball gowns and hypermasculine Prince Charmings.

But a few years ago, La Plante began noticing a new trend.

“We’d be interviewing them about their love lives, and one of the kids would say, ‘Well, when I’m dating a guy, it’s like this.

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It's like a sexy version of the , and it truly is marvelous—if not for the gorgeous visuals, but for the...."personalities" casted. At times it can feel like the show's narrator is the only source of normalcy within a group of young people with nothing to do with their time but slide in and out of people's DMs.