There was an error updating the deduplication volume dating kuskus nl

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As a result of built-in resiliency, administrators do not need to periodically run error-checking tools such as CHKDSK when using Re FS. These include object IDs, 8.3 filename, NTFS compression, Encrypting File System (EFS), transactional NTFS, hard links, extended attributes, and disk quotas.

Dynamic disks with mirrored or striped volumes are replaced with mirrored or striped storage pools provided by Storage Spaces; however, automated error-correction is only supported on mirrored spaces.

Other operating systems have competing file systems to Re FS, of which the best known are ZFS and Btrfs, in the sense that all three are designed to integrate data protection, snapshots, and silent high speed background healing of corruption and data errors.because some applications that rely on specific NTFS features might not work with Re FS [...however...] Storage of most conventional data doesn’t require the specific NTFS features that aren’t supported by Re FS and so Re FS can handle that duty nicely.These requirements arose from two major changes in storage systems and usage – the size of storage in use (large or massive arrays of multi-terabyte drives now being fairly common), and the need for continual reliability.As a result, the file system needs to be self-repairing (to prevent disk checking from being impractically slow or disruptive), along with abstraction or virtualization between physical disks and logical volumes.

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In 2012, Phoronix wrote an analysis of Re FS vs Btrfs, a copy-on-write file system for Linux.