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That’s a biggie if, say, you’re transfeminine and like feminine and non-binary people.Tinder enables you to pick a location and whether you want to see men, women or men and women. Women looking for men aren’t generally interested in people who present as women, and women looking for women aren’t necessarily interested in trans women.There’s the people who want their partner to be stereotypically masculine or feminine, the people who just aren’t interested in trans or non-binary people, and the people who are interested in trans or non-binary people but who wouldn’t want to hold their hand in public.Where’s the app that allows you to get past all that?The avowedly T-friendly Grindr’s no good either, and not just because of the focus on sex.Some men don’t want trans people in their space and will say so, often aggressively, and many people don’t read profiles because they’re too busy taking photos of their dicks.

Trans women have experienced harassment, and this has reportedly resulted in accounts of those dating while trans being suspended. On most apps there’s no way of filtering so that you only see people who are interested in people like you.

“Awareness and acceptance for transgender people is on the rise.

It will still take time, but I believe we’re heading for a society where transgender people will be more accepted and loved.” When My Transsexual Date got started, it focused on attracting members in the Western world.

Trans men and trans women can face discrimination in many areas of their lives.

They can run into conflict in their families, the workforce, the bathroom, and the dating scene.

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My Transsexual Date embraces and celebrates diversity, and its vast dating network includes people of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, and nationalities.

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