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Updating antivirus signatures

By clicking in the main program window, you can view current update status including the date and time of the last successful update and if an update is needed.

The primary window also contains the virus signature database version.

After a few minutes, if an update is available, the Forti Guard Center Services information on the Dashboard lists new version information for antivirus definitions.

The System Status page also displays new dates and version numbers for the antivirus definitions.

However, getting corporate agreement to protect every one of these important layers and implementing effective protection is just the first battle in the war against viruses.

To be truly victorious, you must be vigilant in keeping up with antivirus updates.

If the website does not open, it is likely that an Internet connection is not established or there are connectivity problems with your computer.

If you did not do so during installation, you can enter your license key to activate your product when updating to access ESET update servers.

You can automatically check for Anti-Virus signature updates from Cisco’s signature server every 24 hours or to manually check for Anti-Virus signature updates at any time by clicking Update.

When a newer signature file is available on the server, the new signature file will be downloaded to your device.

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Becasue of AVG's effectiveness and excellent virus detection and cleaning capability, I want to install it on a machine, which is being used in an area where we the not very reliable.

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This process must be automated (and many virus software packages have built-in automation features).

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