Updating asrock bios

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Updating asrock bios

Here is the thread with all versions, in section "C" - Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools If you use FPT, make a BIOS region backup first, and then redo your edits on that, then flash it back, that way you don't loose any system details if stored in padding or NVRAM within the BIOS region.

If you need help modifying the BIOS please make a new thread, with all system details, and a link to the stock BIOS as well as a FTP dump of your BIOS region so I can edit that (-bios -d biosreg.bin)And, add some images in a zip of all your BIOS pages so I can see what is visible vs what's [email protected] - did you ever get any reports back of success on post #22 method? How about Windows activation, check for windows updates, then reboot and check My Computer properties, does it still show activated?

I take it no one has taken the plunge to updating a Z390 Asrock board (specifically Phantom Gaming ITX-ac)?

Keen to try the latest microcode which doesn't appear to be available to OEMs yet (906EC - A2, it's available via MCExtractor), Asrock are claiming A0 is the latest and I couldn't seem to find 'A2' via Intel's official site/debian microcodes.

@twometres - did you run through UBU without edits, or with edits, and then save as mod_bios etc and try flashing?

if yes, then your model is affected too and you will have to try lordkag's fix. If you want to know how to do that, let me know and I will get your BIOS and show you the way In general, this is the way, but if you need me to help you get all the needed specifics to use for that method I can do for you (Find ME version, so you get correct FPT to use, find what your BIOS needs efi file named to, and get you the BIOS and SMI lock variables.)@twometres - did you run through UBU without edits, or with edits, and then save as mod_bios etc and try flashing?

Surely someone will find quicker fix/solution to this soon like they did for the old version of Asrock protection, just have to wait until the right person runs up against it and they'll solve for everyone If you ever do need to flash in an modified BIOS for that board, I can show you how when it's time.UUID often partially the LAN MAC ID, or serial # at the end other random digits at beginning.Thank you for taking notice of my efforts to help, I appreciate the support!Dual BIOS is not for the user to access for safety and security reasons, when there is no switch for the user to use, it's designed intention is to recover the BIOS if possible when main BIOS fails.Your UUID is invalid there with zero's in it, but if windows activation is still working your OK, that's all it's really used for (If it's used), sometimes some other software might tie itself to your UUID or SSID when installed with key, but not too many do that.

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But currently I don´t need to flash any modded bios to my board because it officially supports only Windows 10 OS and it has microcode update (for Spectre vulnerability protection) available via windows update.

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