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Posted by / 12-Oct-2019 13:02

Then the moisture enters the exterior sheathing and wood siding causing permanent exterior paint failure.

Since the homeowner, for some "unexplained" reason, can't keep paint on the house anymore, they call the vinyl siding salesman.

I am seeing catastrophic plaster failures in old and historic homes with these two products.

The pressure from the installation process is great enough to loosen the nails holding the wood or wire lath to the stud wall.

This is where they drill those attractive holes in the outside wall to blow-in the insulation.

Replace them with screened and louvered 1" diameter vent plugs.

After about a year the wall should be dried out and you can fill the holes or replace the siding or stucco in those areas. Again, the primary issue for energy efficiency is stopping excessive air infiltration.

There is no reasonable payback to blowing insulation, foam or dense pack into the plastered sidewalls of your old or historic house.

The installers cannot control the pressure of these products being jammed into your plastered wall cavity.

I have great respect for and kinship with people choosing to live on tree-lined streets full of unique old homes with character.

Having said that, it's time for an old house reality check.

They should only be used with open walls which means losing all your original plaster.

Foam expands and the pressure used to install dense pack cellulose properly cannot be controlled within a closed wall.

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