Updating ipod touch from 1 1 5 to 2 0 speed dating for gamers

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Well, for the 4th gen to the 5th, you can make them there on the i Pod by clicking the create album in the corner and dragging your picture, but with the older generations, you would have to create them online and then download them on to your i Pod. Go to on your ipod touch and you can directly jailbreak your i Pod Touch from your i Pod.

WARNING: Make sure your ios version of your i Pod Touch is 4.2.1 or lower or it will not work.

It also allows the person to put apps in folders, and download something that allows you to get all apps for free (which is illegal). then hook your i Pod touch up to your PC using your PC cable, and sync. Adobe does not make a Flash Player that you can download to the i Pod Touch, nor would Apple approve the app if they did.

You can, however, use Skyfire as an alternative (assuming the flash is video), or, if you jailbreak your i Pod Touch, you could try the "frash" application in Cydia (you'll have to add a repo to see it), though I haven't always had much success using it.

This is fairly simple process and doesn’t take much time. If you don’t have wifi access and looking for how to manually update i OS 5.1.1 then follow below steps 1.

There are two methods of update to i OS 5.1.1, one is via over the air update. Do make sure you have your i OS device fully charged to avoid accidental switch off due to batter low problem.

Whited00r 5.1 is basically an unofficial custom made i OS build that includes many of the i OS 5 features and has been optimized to run on the older hardware.

With Whited00r, you’ll get multitasking, wallpapers, folders, and variations of Reminders and Newsstand, and it’s claimed to be much faster than the default i OS 4 installations that drag the i Phone 3G down.

If you want to read about the info of that apps, just right click the apps,before you buy it.

no, first of all to go installous and go to the "downloads" tab. if that doesn't work then try switching off your i Pod touch.

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But, an ipod touch you can download apps that you can text people on but the 2g ipod touch it doesn't have speakers. you download itunes and plug it in again then it should set up your ipod.

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