Updating remote servers with new website content advantages and disadvantages of dating in college

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Updating remote servers with new website content

During the process, the Install Update wizard automatically migrates VMs off each server, places the server in Maintenance mode, applies the update, reboots the server if required, and then, migrate the VMs back to the updated server.

The following section provides step-by-step instructions on extracting and applying an update using the Install Update wizard.

Note: Updates to Xen Server are published as files.

Download the zip file to a known location on your computer and make sure to extract the file before installing the update.

Some new Xen Server releases from the CR stream can be applied as updates to earlier versions of Xen Server from the CR stream.

However, many new releases can only be reached by the upgrade process.

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Xen Center allows you to apply automated updates that are needed to bring your servers up-to-date. When you choose to apply automated updates, Xen Center applies the minimum set of updates that are required to bring the selected pool or the standalone server up-to-date.