Updating ssl cert for iis Sex chat in messege with female

Posted by / 11-Feb-2020 04:00

Since it doesn't have a private key, it can't be used for SSL binding and will not appear in the IIS manager.You may be able to restore the private key, since it is stored more than one place on your computer: If the certutil command returns with "-repairstore command completed successfully", the private key of your certificate was most likely recovered.

This happens when the installed certificate does not contain your private key.You can verify this by going to the MMC certificate list and hitting F5 -- if successful, your certificate will now have a small key in its icon.You will then be able to select your certificate from IIS.You need to generate the Certificate request(CSR) from IIS - I had the same in IIS 10.I fixed it by importing the file using IIS manager.

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