Updating u4

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Updating u4

No fee is charged for filing an electronic amendment to Form ADV unless it is an Annual Updating Amendment.

No fee is charged for electronically filing Form ADV-W or Form ADV-E.

Because the rules of state securities regulators vary widely on this requirement, it is important that your investment advisor firm check with its home state securities regulator to see if it has such requirements and how the requirements affect your investment advisor firm.

Click here to view a recording of our compliance consultant explain the net worth requirements to register as an investment advisor with a state securities regulator and the SEC.

State Notice Filing fees are separate fees charged by state regulatory authorities.

Most state securities regulators require state registered investment advisor firms to maintain and enforce written procedures which set forth the procedures adopted by the firm in order to comply with the state’s rules and regulations and properly supervise its associated persons.

Firms registering as an investment advisor directly with a state securities regulator will likely be subject to a net worth/net capital and/or bonding requirement.

A list of state filing fees can be found on com or you can call the appropriate states securities authority for state filing fee information.

(Updated September 29, 2017) Q: I am a pension consultant who relies on Rule 203A-2(a) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to register with the SEC. A: Your fees are based on regulatory assets under management, even if your regulatory assets under management are not the basis of your eligibility for SEC registration.

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A: The fee for initial reports and each annual updating amendment is $150 for Exempt Reporting Advisers.

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