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At one point your double-hung windows were a brilliant solution providing insulation, ventilation, and beauty.

This system consisted of a bottom sash that raised, and a top sash the lowered both using counter weights hidden in pockets to balance the window weight.

At a certain point many home owners got tired of this chore.

The “solution” to swapping out the screens for storms was to install a combination storm and screen window.

The new window companies like to proclaim you will save huge amounts of money on your energy bill by installing their products, and that the energy savings will pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

The long and short of it is that this just isn’t true.

Your energy savings will be minimal and you will never recover the thousands of dollars you will spend on new windows.

A much better choice is to get your old windows working right.

It also involves securing a vinyl track to the window jambs and permanently ripping off a half inch of each stile so the sash can ride in the track.These often cost in excess of 00 and are made with substandard materials.We do quality old-school work and we stand by what we do.This system also consisted of exterior storm and screen windows made of wood.When properly maintained, these windows worked very well.

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The first generation of combination storm windows was a flimsy bare aluminum contraption that didn’t seal effectively or operate well.

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