Updating xp to windows 7 are paris and cy still dating

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The instructions that show up at this point (shown at right) have a section on "Upgrading from Windows XP." In that section there's a link to Link ID=142337 which is the one-stop-shopping center for Upgrade Info.;) Why yes, Windows Easy Transfer, this IS my old computer.

I was then asked this very tricky question, for which there is only one answer.

You'll have to wait a while again, I waited about an hour.

After the process is done, you get the option for very detailed report.

The problem here, and with most OS installs regardless of vendor is that, at some point, reading and comprehension is required.

Unless you're lucky enough to just click "next, next, next, finish," you need to read.

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I have an older computer running XP, which, of course, is no longer receiving update support from Microsoft. I have run the Upgrade Adviser and my computer is compatible with the 32 Bit version of Windows 7.

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