Validating rss feed

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Validating rss feed

I have attempted to reach out to Sound Cloud but there isn't a great way to get a hold of them.

Is there a way to develop a new RSS URL without creating an entirely new Sound Cloud page?

This chapter is all about creating your own RSS feeds by using RSS creation applications.

Read on to learn how to create RSS feeds online and on your computer, upload your RSS feed, add an XML button, and validate your RSS feed.

I have a project I'm working on that a user can submit an RSS Feed with his blog submission.

Learn how to build a network using tools such as RSS feeds, You Tube, Vimeo, and i Tunes, and target different devices, including desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets, and televisions.their Feeds normally work OK, and all I can advise is you look round their settings and see if you can find a way to restore the feed. If you do not see the Valid RSS logo (pictured above), then you must take the necessary steps to fix the problem in your feed as soon as possible.There is nothing to be concerned about if you receive the notice “Unable to validate namespace: Rss Module/.” We are working with Feed folks to recognize the Raw Voice namespace, so this notice will go away.Feed currently does not recognize the latest i Tunes specifications, including the new closed captioning and order attributes.

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Personally, I would validate the RSS using an external resource / service / API.

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