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Pre-selection is also the concept behnd Japanese “Geisha” [“artist”]. (Yard-)Bird song is an evolutionary attractor, which is why I’m the leader and lead singer of Song For All Seasons (Google ‘songforallseasons’). Just ignore the stupid video and get on with your life.You don’t need to part with money to get this shit, there are 1000’s of websites where you’ll find it all for free.And after a while, you’ll realize that it all bollocks anyway.

If all of these girls think you’re cool, then new girls you meet will think that you’re cool too, because they will think, “Oh, these three girls think he is cool, he must be cool.”Pre-selection is very, very powerful. Talk about an ex-girlfriend, they don’t have to be a model or a stripper or anything like that, just a pretty ex-girlfriend.

But if you are in Florida man, maybe I could break you off.

Confidence helps, of course, but being MORE interested in them than they are in you has always been my tried and true secret.

Pre-selection, though possibly wrong, is often the woman’s best indicator of a man’s S&R value.

Thus, natural selection has made sure that this observance is pre-wired into the female brain.

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A biological attraction trigger will go off when a woman sees a PUA with another woman of high value.