When are we dating

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When are we dating

As time goes on, we should still be on our best behavior, but the real versions of ourselves start to come through, too—like we may have cleaned our apartment, top to bottom, the first few times our new beau came over… Perhaps we once thought he or she could never see our makeup-less face. By future, I mean things that are weeks or months away. but then we laxed and he saw us for the none-too-neat person we are. Yet, over time, we started to not wear makeup all the time around the person, and guess what? Any relationship that is future-forward is a key sign that the person you’re with doesn’t see you disappearing anytime soon. You cannot envision not seeing or having them in your life. And, why would you stop a too-good-to-be-true thing?

We definitely don’t want to live in a world of regrets and “what if”s and nostalgic sadness. There’s no point in hanging out in this weird dating purgatory forever. Either we’re together or we’re just wasting our time hanging out when we should both be looking for the person who actually wants to make a commitment to a relationship.

It’s not going to get any better the longer we wait. The longer we stall on making things official, the more likely it becomes that we’ll start to worry that we don’t really like each other all that much.

If we’re letting our hang-ups get in the way of our happiness, what does that say?

We can’t predict what’ll happen, and we don’t know that it’ll work out, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. This is true in all of life, not just as it applies to relationships with other people.

It holds us back from achieving our goals and gaining true happiness. We need to stop letting fear rule our emotions and tell it to shove off instead. There’s no surer way for our relationship to fail than by not having one in the first place!

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We can work around small issues if we’re committed to making it happen. It’s natural to feel some anxiety when emotions and feelings are at stake, but honestly, there’s no point in worrying ourselves to death.

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