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The 38-year-old heartthrob claims that immediately after the split Judy began spreading vicious rumors that he was gay and had a serious drinking problem. Hewson now hopes to land a job hosting a TV game show, and he's thrilled to finally be rid of his ex-wife.

(Chaz Dean, BTW, seems nice enough but has chimp-lip syndrome—where there's too much space between the nose and the top lip.)I'm also curious about Ojon, that conditioning crap from the "Land of Beautiful Hair" in Honduras.[quote]What happened to Jeff Hewson.

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But the cost is 100-200 dollars and the women eat them up. I love to watch QVC when I am cleaning or doing chores as background noise. She was on presenting her stuff a couple of nights ago. Meshed well when Joan Rivers was on His name was Bob Bowersox. Several years I was watching a collection of gay film shorts and one starred Bob Bowersox as a gay man who went out cruising in bars but no one looked at him. And then I wake up and think: Oh God, did I order one of those Susan Graver sequined jackets in my sleep?! Unless it's some type of religious trinket, I am invariably tempted to buy WHATEVER item they shill on QVC within three minutes of settling down to watch. One of my very favorites is on tonight - the dude who sells the Jacqueline Kennedy reproduction jewelry. I love listening to her say "Peachskin" and when she teaches me about the wonders of darts, yokes and grommets. Sometimes he shows a picture of her that's over 30 years old. I like Michelle Obama, but it makes me laugh when she is compared to Jackie. Believe or not, Lisa Robertson was born November 7, 1965 and she really can't lie about her age, as she won Miss Tennessee in 1989.

The hosts use a patois all their own...you get the item at home, you will get a romance card with all the appropriate "verbiage" describing it...you'll notice, ladies, the belt is fashioned of the self-same fabrication as the garment. He would thank viewers who called in and called him Jeffrey. Also what happened to the woman with the last name of Levine. You can always tell when the hosts run out of stuff to say about the thing they are selling when they start listing all of the occasions for which you could give it as a gift."Wouldn't this make a spectacular wedding gift? There's are youtube video with him and David when a caller asked if he was single and he gets so red he couldn't control himself. He tells the most fascinating stories about each piece accompanied by a pic of Jackie wearing the item. There she is, stepping off a yacht wearing white jeans with a black t, great sandals, oversize sunglasses, large Hermes bag and one great piece of jewelry. Seeing her early pagent pics, she doesn't look like she's had that much plastic surgery (line fillers and botox, yes.

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