Who is common rapper dating

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Who is common rapper dating

Yes, the entire black community should be aware and take pride in their community and what they've overcome, but for any race or any person to say that real relationships can't exist between any two people completely negates the possibility of progression regarding racial tolerance in this country.

I'd love to pick Common's mind on the topic as I had and still have considerable respect for him.

Additionally, I think he's a great model for the black community in the media, but the cliché "with great power comes great responsibility," applies to him to, and to flat-out say something so objective and hypocritical is irresponsible. I mean don't get me wrong I hate the shit some rappers do where they use white women as a way to put black women down, like "i fuck white girls because they're superior" and all that bullshit, but that has nothing to do with love or dating, that's white supremacy mixed with sex (the latter of which he is OK with...not actual dating...wtf?

I expected better from him of all people and I sure hope he has rethought his platform. ) I almost wanted to write him off as "trying to say that but it came out wrong" but no, he's quite clear in what he's trying to say here, and it's ridiculous. But I grew up in Chicago too, in fact I lived off of the same exact corner Common lived off at one point. To each their own though, if he wants to fuck anyone and only date black girls more power to him.

As such he holds black men that exclusively date white women responsible for part of the problem.

Don't see what's wrong with him saying that black women are consistently disempowered, and giving beauty by white standards priority isn't doing anything to help that. I'm not sure I understand why everyone is so upset with Common.

To start with this is from 7-8 years ago and who knows what his thoughts are now.

Still, to say he has slept with white women, but doesn't believe that interracial love should exist is hypocritical and downright wrong.

For someone who has been a proponent of women's rights, he sure sounds racist in saying this.

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Although I really don't agree with any of Common's beliefs here or the fact that I think he's not pro-gay (source: Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World), I do thoroughly respect Common as a person besides being one of my favorite MC's.

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