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But it’s also fun.” Danes is now engaged to Brit actor Hugh Dancy. People will make all sorts of arguments about “Oh, their relationship must have already been broken if he cheated,” and “he’s just as responsible as she is,” yada yada. Claire had been with singer Ben Lee for about the same length of time.

It seems like she can be faithful, but only for relatively short periods. Perhaps as Claire gets older she realizes what goes around comes around, and that’s got to be frightening for her. She’s just asking to open herself up to all kinds of scrutiny and claims of hypocrisy.

He is also known for his notable performance in television series like Elizabeth I and Hannibal.

The Big C, Daniel Deronda, Relic Hunter, Kavanagh QC, Blood & Chocolate, Savage Grace, The Sleeping Dictionary, Confessions of a Shopaholic, etc are some television series and movies starred by Hugh.

Soon he was offered a role of Danny in a British television series Cold Feet.

Prior to making his appearance in Cold Feet, he had already played brief roles in other series such as Trial & Retribution, The New Adventures of Robin Hood and Dangerfield.

Hugh has spent notable amount of time in entertainment industry and this period has earned him net worth of nearly 2.5 million dollars.

His outstanding performances in movies and television series have earned him several awards such as IGN Award, Critics’ Choice Television Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Satellite Award and Gotham Award.

The pair moved in together, but the old saying about “once a cheater, always a cheater” proved true: she cheated on Crudup with Hugh Dancy, who she met while filming “Evening.” Now she and Dancy are engaged, and suddenly Claire’s had a change of heart on the whole cheating issue.

CLAIRE Danes, who was famously blamed for breaking up ex-boyfriend Billy Crudup’s relationship with a pregnant Mary-Louise Parker, has subsequently given a lot of thought to the subject of monogamy.

Out of all the roles he has played as an actor he is best recognized for playing the role of Will Graham in American thriller television series Hannibal.

Shortly known as Hugh Dancy to the public, he was actually born as Hugh Michael Horace Dancy on 19th June, 1975 in a city of Staffordshire, England called Stoke-on-Trent.

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As a kid, Hugh was sent to Edenhurst Preparatory School.