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Who is russ feingold dating

The Democratic base in the state is compromised of what Ron Brownstein calls "beer track Democrats": blue collar voters, ethnic whites who tolerate government when it helps but recoil from it when it seems intrusive and wasteful. Sporadic and infrequent Democratic voters in the state come from the university towns like Madison. Beer-track Democrats tend to be the toughest to turn out this cycle. Fortunately for Johnson (and unfortunately for Feingold), this newcomer has a pretty clean background. The profile of the electorate is much more conservative.

It's hard to argue that voters in Wisconsin are Democrats simply by habit.

Russ Feingold is facing the prospect of a brutal beatdown next Tuesday in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has had an unusually high rate of young voter participation, a trend that dates back to the mid-90s. Younger college-town Democrats and older habitual Democratic voters are clashing this year on entitlement spending; younger Democrats see the health care reform law and the stimulus package as down payments on their future. White men without college degrees have grasped onto economic libertarianism as a way out of the fiscal mess. His "gaffes" have been of the type that drive elites crazy, like opposing global warming science. Wisconsin has been run mostly by Democrats for eight years.

In theory, given how competitive other Democrats have managed to keep their races, particularly against newcomers, why has Feingold's race taken a different course? People forget that Barack Obama won the state in the primaries, and that Democrats since Michael Dukakis have kept it in the blue column in presidential races. I think the science is solid, but voters don't really care about that stuff this cycle. But then again, maybe the common denominator is simply that Feingold is unafraid to be the avatar of an argument that Wisconsin residents are just going to reject this cycle.

He did, pouring his own money into the race, much to the delight of national Republicans.

Feingold also announced his support for strict campaign finance reform and a national health care system and voiced his opposition to term limits and new tax cuts.I want to thank Senators Schumer, Pryor, Brown, Carper, Feingold, Harkin, Landrieu, Lincoln, Nelson and Rockefeller for working together for the greater good and never losing sight of our shared goal: making it possible for every American to afford to live a healthy life.As is long-standing practice, we do not disclose details of any proposal before the Congressional Budget Office has a chance to evaluate it.He is also known for his sole vote in the Senate against the USA Patriot Act and for being a consistent critic of status quo "free trade" policy, which has cost the U. This includes a January 2016 Marquette University poll that measured his name recognition after 6 years in office hovering between 30-40 percent.In June 2015 Feingold asked his opponent to to join him in the "Badger Pledge", a pledge to donate 50 percent of any outside ad's cost to the charity of the opponent's choice in order to limit outside spending. In exchange, people 55-64 would be able to buy in to Medicare and Medicaid eligibility would be expanded to people within 150 percent of the federal poverty line.

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In 1987, he joined the "Bowtie Brigade," a coalition of grassroots activists and local-level politicians who backed the presidential candidacy of Senator Paul Simon of Illinois, who would later become a mentor to Feingold during the early days of his senate career.

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