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Most Ashley Madison members, 89 percent, said that an opposing political view would not prompt them to cheat on their spouse, but when they decide to cheat, 55 percent said they prefer to do so with a Republican, showing that they like to stick to their own party.While most, 64 percent, said they do not care who their spouse votes for, more, 81 percent, said they do not care about their affair partner's party affiliation.Whether adultery is on the rise is hard to judge, Keable said, but one thing seems clear."Before it was hidden," he said. Now we come to understand that monogamy isn't as easy or as simple as it was portrayed.A survey taken by dating site e Harmony has revealed that many of its male users have a very odd selection of turnoffs that would mean roughly 100% of the site’s female users would be unappealing to them.While it’s easy to think of the men who took part in this survey as being insufferable dickheads, we should also have some degree of sympathy for them.

This questionnaire includes questions about editing objectionable content in movies and restrictions a viewer can exercise on such content.

Association member survey questions template by Question Pro includes sample questionnnaire and examples to understand the level of satisfaction of association members through various activities that are conducted from time to time.

This questionnaire includes demographic questions to get complete information of respondents.

This survey template can be deployed to respondents to get an honest feedback about the functionality of an association and level of participation of its members.

MEPS recruiter survey template by Question Pro is a recruitment evaluation survey template to understand the level of satisfaction of participants for the recruitment process of United States Military Entrance Processing Station.

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The survey comes at a time when two women, porn star Stormy Daniels and former model Karen Mc Dougal, claim to have had affairs with Donald Trump before he became president.

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