Yahoo pipe not updating rss updating firmware on macbook pro

Posted by / 12-Sep-2019 01:49

I want to merge multiple rss feeds into a single feed, removing any duplicates.

Specifically, I'm interested in merging the feeds for the tags I'm interested in. though I don't suppose such a things exists right now.

Additionally: I have heard good things about Aide Rss In the latest Podcast, Jeff and Joel talked about the RSS feeds for tags, and Joel noted that there is only the current ability to do AND on tags, not OR.

Jeff suggested that this would be included at some stage in the future.

This has really exceeded my expectations with over 20,000 downloads already.So, every single night I'm out there, I almost always go to the beach for sunset because it's so close,” he says.Some of Gold’s enviable art collection is on display in the dining room.Unfortunatley, though, this seems to strip out the content of the posts.The content is visible in the debug view, but the output only contains the post title. Had heard of it before, but never tried it until now :-] Simple Pie is a PHP library that supports merging RSS feeds into one combined feed.

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